3 Biggest Underdog Bet Wins in UFC History

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Anderson Silva vs James Irvin

Silva vs Irvin: the superfight that was supposed to make Anderson Silva a household name, but failed. In 2008 James Irvin took on Brazil’s poster boy at Forrest fighter tournament for his time in World Elite fighting stable and won by TKO early into round one due to neck injury sustained from an illegal elbow during clinch position which ended up being well known as “the bite”.
The match sparked much controversy since it seemed like an obvious case of premeditated attack against an opponent who had been knocked out cold before anything could actually happen between them – especially after seeing footage where we can clearly see both fighters’ faces register surprise upon feeling contact made with another person.

Royce Gracie vs Kazushi Sakuraba

This was an epic bout between two of the best fighters in history, and it came down to who could submit their opponent.
I’m not sure which one deserves more credit: That they both managed such exciting bouts while being so evenly matched or that Gracie actually won using his trademark tactics (intentionally letting himself get beat up) against someone like Kazushi Sakuraba!

Conor McGregor vs Jose Aldo

The greatest rivalry in combat sports will finally come to an end when Jose Aldo challenges fellow featherweight champion CONOR McGREGOR for his belt. The two have been trading victories against each other since 2013, with no shortage of action or intensity between them!

Georges St-Pierre vs Matt Hughes

Georges St-Pierre is one of the best fighters in history, but Matt Hughes has always been his toughest challenge.
The former UFC Welterweight champion faced off against Georges’ younger brother recovering from injuries sustained during military service overseas – an opponent who not only had superior abilities than him; he also came into this fight with extra motivation due to being denied money fights outside MMA before signing on as part time employee at Oxygym Montreal where both fought under Zuffa banner back when Dana White owned company!!! Going up against siblings made things personal rather quickly which proved too much even though “Rush” managed victory via split decision win despite getting rocked early.

Jon Jones vs Lyoto Machida

Jon Jones has always been known as one of the most talented fighters in MMA, but he’s never fought for a belt. That all changes this Saturday when “Bones” challenges Lyoto Machida for control of UFC light heavyweight dominance with an unprecedented stakes-heavy match up: whoever wins will be champion forever!

Chris Weidman v Anderson Silva

The perfect recipe for success is to always be ready and willing. In the case of Chris Weidman, he displayed both qualities in his fight with Anderson Silva where after taking some heavy blows on their first few exchanges – including one that knocked out part way through–he quickly got back up again only this time finishing things off properly by bloodying “The Spider’s” face until there was no turning back left or right; effectively knocking him unconscious before any more damage could occur making it clear victory wasn’t going happen anyways due solely because The Ultimate fighter himself didn’t give an inch!


The UFC is a sport with a lot of history. So much so, that no one can possibly know it all or remember every big win from the past. That’s why we compiled this list to remind you of some underdog moments in UFC history when fighters took on impossible odds and defied all expectations by coming out victorious. If there are any other memorable fights not mentioned here please add them in the comments below! (Be sure to include your thoughts about what made these wins special)